Langhorne-Slaughter Cleveland Football Vintage T shirt

We are extremely excited to be able to team up with two former Brown greats Reggie Langhorne and Webster Slaughter for our newest Browns shirt. We got to sit down with Reggie as he explained the origins of the famous pose. 

It was called "sky jammin" and it originated after watching Michael Jordan in the slam dunk contest. They began joking around in practice seeing who can get up the highest and it developed into their own celebration. Quickly their celebration caught on, and is one of the fondest memories of our Browns growing up. 

This Langhorne Slaughter shirt is printed on a Coffee Triblend Tee for the finest quality, great fit and Vintage look and feel. Unisex style t shirt available in XS to 2XL.  

Check out this months ESPN the Magazine as linebacker Scott Fujita is wearing it. 

This product and its graphic design is not endorsed or licensed in any way by any team, or organization. 

This product is specifically licensed and endorsed by Reggie Langhorne and Webster Slaughter.